Shortlista - Online e-recruitment solution. Hire, shortlist and interview applicants and candidates online.

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Shortlista is the perfect online solution to staff recruitment. Save time, money and effort by switching to an automatic, secure and easy to use system.

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Shorlista is packed with everything you need and more for a successful, efficient and above all professional recruitment solution.


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Shortlista. Shortlista is the all-in-one e-recruitment solution for any company. It gives companies the ability to list job vacancies online and have anyone with an Internet connection apply for them securely, easily and without any waste.

Who is Shortlista for?

Shortlista is for any company who wants to recruit new staff using the Internet. It doesn't matter whether your company is big or small, has a high or relatively low turnover of new staff or is new to e-recruitment. If you are fed up of spending far too much time dealing with paper-based job applications and struggle to reach a wide audience of applicants quickly and cost effectively then Shortlista is the perfect solution for you.

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Happy customers

"Shortlista has completely changed the way we take on new staff. We're getting almost three times as many applicants as before and it has been so easy managing the entire recruitment process."

A North East based childrens charity